Project to set up cultural and communications installations on public land in Ollantaytambo

Line of research, action

Research and social protection on landscape, heritage and territory.


In areas such as that of Ollantaytambo, where the value of its built cultural heritage has no sense without its landscape environment, the conservation of its popular heritage must be one of the aims of each action carried out on the built heritage and, as a result, of new construction. We can identify two cultural values in popular architecture: design and technologies. Design, by its very nature, responds to the bioclimatic conditions of the area and therefore it is very useful to study this and take it into consideration when proposing new designs. Many popular technologies are probably in use at this time and so, in order to apply better techniques in order to mitigate the risks of construction, it is advisable to apply these in contemporary designs, even more so if these are the product of formal projects of architects and engineers.

Técnica constructiva  tradicional mejorada

Técnica constructiva tradicional mejorada

Each new project that applies building techniques with earth and which comply with current legislation is an opportunity to teach and disseminate information on good building practices among self builders and to prepare manuals for self builds.


The use of traditional materials in construction reduces building costs even more so if the materials can be found nearby. In the case of using earth for the mud wall technique, the Urubamba Valley has quarries of excellent quality, proof of which are the large number of constructions of local housing and of tourist hotels built with this material. Although the technique most widely used in the lower part of the valley is adobe, mud walls are found in the higher parts where water is scarce and where the soil has less clay. In the case of the project for the station, the proposed technique is the mud wall as it also means lower labour costs and shorter delivery dates.


The new train station in Ollantaytambo is the starting point for tourists travelling to Machu Picchu on a route in which it is necessary to ensure that visitors have an unforgettable and pleasant experience. The architectural ambiences that accompany their stay add to the quality of the experience through a respect for the environment and bearing in mind the purpose of the trip.


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