Musealization of Santa Maria Of Vitoria Cathedral

Line of research, action

Other ways of Heritage dissemination and socialization.

Project abstract

The collaboration framework agreement between the Zain Foundation and the Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation states, as the first action to be undertaken, the implementation of the Cathedral museum project that will, on a provisional basis, explain and disseminate knowledge gained in the research and restoration process of Santa Maria, using a cross-cutting approach. This museum project will be developed in all the areas of the Cathedral that are accessible to the public, adapting it to the areas ceded to the Foundation and not used for religious worship as well as to those dedicated to religious worship. It is planned to open to the public throughout the year 2012.

The ZAIN Foundation will be responsible for developing the historical and archaeological content needed for this first phase, collaborating with the Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation in the design and development of the training programmes for the staff assigned to providing guided tours, and for their qualification and approval. Furthermore, it will regularly monitor the quality and thoroughness of the information provided to visitors by the said staff with a view to their continuous improvement.


First phase of the museum project.