Doctorate in “Interdisciplinary Scientific Strategies in Heritage and Landscape (ISSHL)

The three research groups that proposed this Doctorate Programme began to work together as a result of the aforementioned call. The proposal was passed and in November 2011, the UFI Global Change and Heritage was put into operation. Until then, the three research groups presented their theses within the programmes of a decade ago (for example, “Idea, Form and Matter”, “Chemistry”, “Contamination and Environmental Toxicology”, “Environment, Territory and Culture”, “Environmental Argobiology”, etc.). But these programmes were never considered their own, but an academic space in which it was possible to work, but without doing interdisciplinary work.

The reflections made over the last year within the three research groups led to the need for the UFI to promote a Doctorate Programme in accordance with current needs, adapted to Royal Decree 99/11, but in compliance with levels of excellence that, in addition to surpassing the conditions of the VERIFICA Programme: might opt for the Mention of Excellence of the Ministry within the shortest possible time frame. As a result of this, the current proposal for the “Doctorate Programme in Interdisciplinary Scientific Strategies in Heritage and Landscape” came about, strengthening scientific transversatility and interdisciplinarity. Proof of this are the different centres involved, both from the Basque University and the Higher Council for Scientific Research, with the participation of a team of teachers with high excellence levels (58 six-year research periods and more than 100 doctoral theses and TFM defended in the last 6 years).